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Our Products

Record your donors and tissues from the time of referral or recovery, through evaluation, processing, eligibility, distribution, shipping and aftercare with our comprehensive platform of tools, ensuring you are in compliance with industry standards

Provide your surgeons and transplant partners a seamless portal to manage their tissue requests, acceptance of tissue, and post-operative follow-up with our Match system.

Midwire Modules

  • Referral Services Kanban board
  • Donor Services
  • Donor Eligibility Dashboard
  • Offline Recovery
  • Evaluation
  • Processing
  • Distribution and Matching
  • Shipment Status Board
  • Shipping and Outcomes
  • Accounting
  • MasterFile (document/policy management)
  • Supply Inventory Management (including vendor certifications)
  • Communications/Letters/EBAA Follow-ups
  • Surgeon Interface

Refined Technology

Digital Records

reduce errors and simplify compliance.

Electronic Tracking

decreases the amount of time labs spend processing and shipping viable tissue.

Data Backup and 24/7 Security

ensure that all eye bank and patient information is secure.

Flexible Dashboards

reduce emails and calls between departments, using interactive technology.

Comprehensive Data Interface

dashboard and reports for operational, managerial and statistical analysis, including an easy-to-run report for monthly EBAA reporting requirements.

Customized Reports

provide you with data points for your specific needs/analysis - quickly and efficiently.

Coming Soon

Supply Inventory Management